Ok, so alot of things happened to me. I won’t lie and say they were all good, but the wheels of life were definitely turning. For example, today started out really cloudy (outside and in my head–thanks to the Bailey’s Irish Cream) but it turned out rather nice. Maybe that’s because I didn’t stay in Cleveland but I’m getting ahead of myself!!!

Where was I? Ah, yes. So I had lovely fresh scones for breakfast. THEN, Kevin and I ventured to IKEA in Pittsburgh for a plethora of bedroom paraphanelia that will make my house look like a ROOM. The car ride home was awesome too because Kev and I talked the entire hour and a half. It was great. I love that we can still do that. We also got into a heated discussion about free will and predetermination. Very interesting. It was nice to be able to pull myself out of the emotional whirlwind I was thrown in today when my mom called with news about my grandma’s rapidly declining health to have a normal, somewhat detached, conversation about what happens to us when we die and how we get to that point in the first place. One of the reasons he is my favorite person is because conversations like that come naturally.

Anyhow, Kevin and I made it home and actually built my desk. Not exactly a small undertaking, but we did it and I am proud to say that we are definitely still on speaking terms. I also made a fantastic batch of brownies once again confirming my own ability as a master chef (yay!). I even talked to my sister today as Hannah, the best niece a girl could ever have, nursed on her. Apparently, she gets a little glazed and drunk looking just after nursing which I think it so funny….kind of like every meal is thanksgiving dinner?? I don’t know. It’s funny when your siblings procreate because you get to know this on this level that you really didn’t before…

Anyhow, that was my day and since I’m feeling a little ill (sore throat, exhausted, etc…) I’m going to get into my royal jammies and get some zzz’s. I need all the beauty sleep I can get to prepare for facials and football tomorrow and my hot date tomorrow night!!

Take Care and blog soon,



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